Street Stalls

Is this really a fundraising activity?

It can be. It is certainly an important campaigning tool, and many local groups use it as a fundraiser too.

What do you need for a street stall?

The basics are a pasting table (or other light portable table) and lots of leaflets (see our campaign resources). Some large boards with Animal Aid posters on will help too, as will some confident and enthusiastic people to staff the stall. If you stand there in silence or chatting to each other, then very few people will come to the stall. You also need permission from your local council to set up the stall in the street or from the owner or manager of private land, such as a private shopping centre. If you are actually going to collect money with collecting tins, you need a street collection permit (phone Richard on 01732 364546 ext 224 for details). If the police do ask you to move on, then be very polite and move if you have to.

Where is the best place for a stall?

Clearly you want somewhere with lots of people and ideally you want some shelter. Pedestrianised streets are more pleasant, and you are less likely to cause an obstruction. Anywhere near a major supermarket or fast food restaurant tends to be very busy. Standing outside businesses that are closed (e.g. many banks on Saturdays) is a good way of avoiding complaints.

Can I do a stall on my own?

We wouldn’t recommend it. Apart from being a bit lonely, it makes it tricky if you want to buy a drink or go to the toilet. And it makes transporting all the stuff to and from the bus stop or car park a lot easier. Have fun!

If you want to discuss any ideas that you have, or if you want more information, please phone Richard on 01732 364546 ext 224. Good luck with your fundraising. We do need your help to help animals. For more ideas about what you can do to help, send for our FREE Get Active Pack.