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Animal Aid offers members and supporters a free will writing service.

Free Will Writing Service

Animal Aid offers members and supporters a free will writing service. Our legacy booklet, ‘Without doubt your last chance to give’, includes a confidential questionnaire and a list of participating solicitors.

The booklet also helps if you have no-one to look after your pets if they outlive you.  Basically, you fill in the questionnaire in the booklet, and post it to one of the solicitors on the list. They contact you with any questions, and then send you the will and Animal Aid the bill. Order a copy of the booklet and list of solicitors, or if you would prefer to use your own solicitor, please ask the solicitor to refer to Animal Aid as:

Animal Abuse, Injustice and Defence Society Limited (Animal Aid) of The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1AW, limited company number 1787309.

Animal Aid was set up in 1977 as a not-for-profit organisation, and not formally a charity, in order to safeguard the independence that is so important to our work. Therefore, we should not be referred to as a charity in any part of your will. For example, we should not be included in a list of organisations following a phrase such as “the following charities“.

Animal Aid is providing a free will writing service because we are significantly dependent upon the money that people leave us in their wills. You do not have to leave anything to Animal Aid to take advantage of the free service, but of course we hope that you do.

Animal Aid campaigns against all cruelty to animals, particularly vivisection and factory farming, and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. When we receive legacies, they quickly make a difference to how much campaigning we can do.

There is no catch. It really is free in order to encourage more Animal Aid members and supporters to make a will. Many people would like to leave a legacy to Animal Aid, but do not get round to it. Research shows that a free will writing offer acts as a good incentive, so it should increase Animal Aid’s income as well as saving you money.

Request a copy of the booklet and list of solicitors.