Summertime… and the living is easy!

Follow our top 10 tips for a Cruelty-Free Summer!

Invite your friends round for a veggie BBQ – show them how easy it is to feast al fresco with delicious veggie burgers, bangers, vegetable kebabs, baked potatoes and scrumptious salads. The only sizzling flesh should be found on the beach! Keep cool by serving delicious dairy-free ‘ice cream’ or sorbet for afters. (See our veggie recipe collection for more ideas.)

Dogs die in hot cars – whenever possible, avoid taking your pooch on a trip if you will have to leave him or her in the car. But if it’s unavoidable, park in the shade, leave all the windows partially open and preferably place a sturdy bowl of water on the floor (or a towel in case it gets knocked over!). Get back as soon as you possibly can.

Only buy non-animal tested suntan lotions – available from the Animal Aid online shop, or contact us for a list of cruelty-free manufacturers.

Unwanted visitors to your garden can be humanely deterred. There’s no need to kill slugs, bugs and creepie crawlies! Clever planting can actually keep snails away – they don’t like geraniums, pelargonium, fuchsia and lobelia. All these summer bedding plants are available at garden centres.

We all know how cruel bull-fighting is but when on holiday also steer clear of other local ‘attractions’ such as zoos, aquariums and shows that use dolphins, whales, parrots, sea lions, or any other animals. ‘Nature reserves’ and ‘wildlife parks’ are often far from what the names imply – they are frequently collections of captive mammals, birds, reptiles and fish, taken from the wild and kept in small cages or enclosures, which are a pathetic substitute for their natural habitat.

Don’t buy trinkets and souvenirs made from dead marine life such as coral, starfish and seahorses… or even shells – remember, someone used to live in each and every one!

Birds and mammals need water, which can sometimes be difficult to find in the hot summer months. Leave tubs of water tucked under bushes for small ground-dwelling creatures to drink from, and if you have room, a bird bath makes an attractive feature as well as providing water for birds to drink and splash about in.

Litter poses a serious threat to animals (wild and otherwise). They get tangled up, cut by, stuck in and even choked by discarded plastic, glass bottles, drink cans and other human debris. Pick up and throw away any rubbish you come across before it injures anyone – or carry a plastic bag to collect it in and dispose of safely.

Save the humble worm! Earth worms are a vital part of keeping our environment and food chain healthy. So don’t squash them – pick them up and put them back on the earth so they can get on with doing what they’re here to do.

Email this list to your friends and family – if everyone follows these small steps we’ll make a world of difference to the animals.