Top tips for a cruelty-free fireworks night!

Fireworks that fill the night skies with confusing explosions of colour and noise terrify our feathered and furry friends. Follow our top tips for a cruelty-free bonfire night.

Burn a Guy, not a wild animal

Small mammals will be attracted by the warmth and shelter of your bonfire pile. Be sure to check that nobody is nesting inside by prodding the bottom before you set it alight. The longer the pile has been there, the more likely that is has become a home to woodland creatures.

Keep pets safe

Companion animals will be frightened by the loud noises and explosions of colour. Keep them locked safely indoors and ensure that all of the windows and doors are closed so that they don’t try to escape. Playing loud music may help to cover the noise of the explosions. If you have rabbits or guinea pigs in a hutch outside, bring them indoors or if that is not possible, cover the hutch with a thick blanket to muffle the sound.

Go to an organised display instead of holding one at home

One central display will scare fewer animals than having lots of garden displays all over the place.

And finally…

If you cannot be persuaded against holding a firework party of your own, then please consider the fright it will cause to foxes, rabbits, birds and other wild animals. If you live in the countryside, farmed animals will also be at risk. Sheep have been known to spontaneously abort due to the stress and horses frequently injure themselves bolting into fences, gates and barbed wire, etc.

Please let off your fireworks as early as possible rather than late at night.