Victory! Pig racing stopped

Following condemnation in the national and regional press, the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre has pulled the plug on their plans to stage pig racing. Initially, four young Tamworth pigs - insensitively named Smoky Bacon, Pork Scratching, Apple Sauce and Pork Chop - were to be raced over 40-metres with rag dolls strapped to their backs. Their training included ‘getting them used to people screaming around them’. Organisers are reported to have said that the four young animals will be slaughtered and barbecued at the end-of-season banquet at the Centre.

As quoted in the Daily Mail, Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid said: ‘Pigs are very sensitive and intelligent creatures, it is appalling that they should be subjected to this level of stress. Such a demeaning, uncivilised and crass form of entertainment should not be tolerated.’

Sadly, at this point, the four are still destined for death. Please contact the Centre and ask for their lives to be spared.

Kelly Browne
The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre, Meadowside Farm, Winnards Perch, St. Columb Cornwall, TR9 6DH

Tel: 01637 880544