Cull watch

Information on UK culls and how you can help

The Welsh Badger Cull

Animal Aid supports Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) as it aims to expose the shocking reality of the Welsh badger cull. Animal Aid and PAC supporters will be out in the fields to monitor and record events through legal and peaceful means. The cull has been shrouded in secrecy and we aim to expose the reality of a mass badger cull.

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Cull Watch

Cull Watch has two main aims. The first is directly to publicise the events in West Wales as they unfold, through a completely law-abiding programme of reportage. We believe that when the full scale of the cruelty is known, citizens of Wales and beyond will hold those responsible to account via voting and consumer choices. The second aim is to offer support to pro-badger landowners in the form of a physical presence, capable of witnessing and recording the actions of the anonymous contractors. The presence of cull monitors will also serve as a deterrent to further illegal cruelty, which could occur during badger trapping and killing.

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This project will work best with the support of people living in and around the cull area – although visitors to the area also have a vital role to play:

  • We need volunteers to help with our monitoring activities. This involves walking peacefully around the cull area, preferably with a camcorder or digital camera and a mobile phone, and looking out for signs of cull activity. Perhaps you know of a sett you could keep an eye on?
  • If you have images of badgers under threat, that you wish to share, please send them to us and we will publish them.
  • If you have information about culling activity in your area, please contact us. Even an anonymous tip-off can be useful.
  • If you are worried about contractors entering your property to seek out and kill badgers, and wish Cull Watch to visit you simultaneously, please contact us.

Note that Cull Watch does not endorse any illegal activity in connection with the badger cull.