Humane Wildlife Deterrence

Animal Aid encourages tolerance but there are times when we may need to deter an animal from a particular area, such as a squirrel who has taken up residence in your attic. Thankfully, many unwanted visitors can be deterred quite easily.

Once you know what attracts an animal to your home or garden, it can be changed. Often, the problem is that we leave food out or bins unsecured, but it may just be that your garage or rooftop is a cosy place out of the rain. For more information about humanely deterring wildlife, download Alternatives to Culling and the associated factfiles on birds, squirrels, foxes or mice and rats.

Please note: It is an offence to intentionally or recklessly harm or block Bat roosts. Make sure that bats are not roosting before any holes are blocked. If in doubt contact the Bat Conservation Trust Their National Bat Helpline number is 0845 1 300 228.