Sample letters about the badger cull

Sample Letter 1:

Dairy farmers have long blamed badgers for spreading bovine tuberculosis, yet all the while keeping cows incarcerated for much – or even all – of their productive lives inside the filth and squalor of a factory farm shed. Those animals who do not succumb to one of the many illnesses and conditions found inside these ‘disease factories’ will be sent to slaughter when their productivity declines. Their young – an unwanted by-product of milk production – are likely to meet a similar fate.

The public has spoken vociferously against badger culls through a number of consultations and petitions, and still the government pays no attention. The clamour from dairy farmers has drowned out all rational argument. We are, therefore, asking all people who care about badgers to put their money where their hearts are and boycott milk. By choosing dairy-free alternatives, compassionate people can help end the misery of dairy cows and, at the same time, send a strong message to dairy farmers: don’t blame badgers for your own welfare failings. Dairy-Free recipe packs are available free of charge from or 01732 364546.

Sample Letter 2: 

The government defines bovine TB as ‘an infectious disease of cattle’. Better on-farm welfare, tighter biosecurity and stricter cattle movement controls are key to combating it. To protect badgers from this disease – and to prevent them passing it back to cows – vaccination can be usefully employed, as is the case in Wales. Why won’t the government listen to the experts and to public opinion? Where is the democracy?