Enter the club draw

Do you want to give to Animal Aid and have the chance of winning up to £1,000?

Of course you do! (we hope)

There are many ways of giving money to Animal Aid, but this is the most fun, and it’s really quite painless. As a Club Draw member, you get the chance of winning the £300 first prize, two £150 second prizes or four £75 third prizes when we do the draw every two months plus an extra £1,000 every December . You also receive free Animal Aid membership.

Joining the Club Draw means giving us money every month by bank standing order. If you pay, for example, £4 per month (giving you four chances each time), then you are unlikely to miss that amount, but it adds up to £48 per year which is really useful to us.

Winners are announced in Outrage magazine. The minimum amount is three pounds per month, for which you get three entries in the draw. So, go on, have a flutter! Animal Aid needs to have reliable regular giving to plan its long term campaigns, and so Club Draw members are very important to us.

Download the club draw form