Lottery Terms and Conditions

Animal Aid’s lottery is registered with Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976.

  1. The lottery is open to all participants, in their name only, except employees or Council members of Animal Aid and their immediate families, agencies or any others having any connection with the production of the draws.
  2. No entry into the lottery can be by or on behalf of a person under the age of 18. If a ticket is sold knowingly to, or to a party on behalf of a person under 18, they will be exempt from the competition and forfeit any prize.
  3. Each entry will cost £1 per month. Each player may purchase a maximum of 20 entries in any one draw.
  4. Of the proceeds from each lottery draw, approximately 95% will be used for Animal Aid and approximately 5% distributed as prize money.
  5. Payment must be made by Standing Order or recurring card payment and any delay or non-payment will result in entries being omitted. Animal Aid will not offer credit facilities to players under any circumstances whatsoever.
  6. Animal Aid will send confirmation of your Lottery entry within 14 days of receipt of application.
  7. If cancellation of the lottery player’s bank account is received, the player’s lottery numbers will be cancelled as soon as the last play paid for has run.
  8. A unique number will be allocated to each entry on application. The number will be entered into the lottery once for £1 paid each.
  9. Winning names will be selected using random generation software, with two independent witnesses present.
  10. Winners will be contacted by post shortly after the draw, and payment will be made by cheque sent using Royal Mail.
  11. Winning names declared are final and Animal Aid will not enter into any dispute regarding their validity.
  12. Animal Aid reserves the right to use the name(s) of the winner(s) in an abbreviated form in any future mailings or promotional material.
  13. Animal Aid is registered with Tonbridge and Malling Council as a Small Society Lottery

Animal Aid Social Responsibility Policy

Animal Aid uses the Lottery as a method of fundraising in support of its campaigning and advocacy work. As a registered lottery, Animal Aid is obliged to adhere to the requirements and objectives of The Gambling Act 2005. We take these obligations extremely seriously.

The following policy is in place to ensure that people taking part in any Animal Aid lottery do so responsibly:

Responsible Gambling

Animal Aid has the following procedures to encourage responsible gambling and to encourage people to seek help should gambling become a problem for them:

  • Members can request exclusion from our database and from future lottery promotions.
  • Purchase of entries is limited to £20 per calendar month per player.

If you or a family member feel that you are experiencing problems with gambling, you can seek support via GamCare by calling 0808 8020 133 or via their website

Animal Aid Complaints Policy

General complaints

Animal Aid wants to exceed your expectations in everything we do. However, we know that there may be times when we do not meet our own high standards.

When this happens, we want to hear about it, in order to deal with the situation as quickly as possible and put measures in place to stop it happening again.

We take complaints very seriously and we treat them as an opportunity to develop our approach. This is why we are always very grateful to hear from people who are willing to take the time to help us improve.

Our policy is:

  • To provide a fair complaints procedure that is clear and easy to use for anyone wishing to make a complaint.
  • To publicise the existence of our complaints procedure so that people know how to contact us to make a complaint.
  • To make sure everyone in our organisation knows what to do if a complaint is received.
  • To make sure all complaints are investigated fairly and in a timely way.
  • To make sure that complaints are, wherever possible, resolved and that relationships are repaired.
  • To learn from complaints and feedback to help us to improve what we do.


All complaint information will be handled sensitively, in line with relevant data protection requirements.


Overall responsibility for this policy and its implementation lies with the Head of Fundraising.

How to make a complaint

Complaints should where possible be in writing and sent to:

Richard Mountford
Fundraising and Legacy Officer
Animal Aid
The Old Chapel
Bradford Street

For further assistance with complaints regarding information rights practices (data protection), advice can be sought from the Information Commissioner’s Office, whose remit covers the UK.

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

0303 123 1113