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monk parakeet

Government kills parakeets

Animal Aid campaigns for all wildlife and, for several years, we have worked alongside local campaigners to try to stop the government ‘cull’ of a tiny number of monk parakeets living in the wild around London and Hertfordshire.

Despite there being so few monk parakeets, and no evidence that they cause agricultural damage or have nested on pylons, the government has spent £259,000 killing some and ‘rehousing’ others.

Moreabout the killing of monk parakeets Read the article in the Daily Mail
Wigmore Hall

Statement from Animal Aid on Race Horse Deaths and Daily Mirror

There has been an outraged response from the racing industry over the front-page Daily Mirror article (20 September) on the death of race horse Wigmore Hall – which features Animal Aid’s photographs of the horse being shot. It is being claimed that our complaint related to the way Wigmore Hall was killed by the vet and that the injury was not sufficiently serious to warrant his destruction. These were not our complaints. In supplying the photographs to the Mirror, we were motivated by the desire to trigger a debate about the routine nature of equine deaths on British racecourses and the lengths to which the racing authorities go to conceal the reality.

More on the death of Wigmore Hall and Animal Aid's race horse death statistics Read our press release Read the article in the Daily Mirror
Canada goose

United Utilities Calls off the Cull!

Campaign by Bird Lover and Animal Aid Successful

When bird lover David Kennedy discovered that Canada geese were being shot at Lingley Mere – a lake owned by Warrington-based United Utilities – he felt he had to speak out. David, who lives about 10 miles from Lingley Mere, knew that a proposed cull of geese at Lake Windermere had been halted when the local authority was persuaded to put into place non-lethal control plans, and he contacted United Utilities to urge them to do the same.

Moreabout the successful campaign to convince United Utilities to stop killing Canada geese

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