Take Action!

We couldn't make progress for animals without the help of compassionate people who campaign in their spare time. Here are eight easy actions you can take to help our current campaigns to succeed.

 1. Order a Go Vegan pack

Going vegan is the single biggest step you can take to help animals. Our FREE Go Vegan packs contain friendly advice on everything from nutrition to eating out. Already vegan? Why not order some of our leaflets to distribute, encouraging others to go animal-free too?

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2. Help end captive reindeer events

Christmas events using live reindeer cause enormous suffering to these gentle animals. Reindeer are typically displayed for hours on end in noisy, bright and highly stressful environments. In addition, over the past year, Animal Aid has carried out extensive undercover investigations revealing the hidden suffering of reindeer at the farms where they are kept. Please take action in your local community to put an end to events using live animals and encourage cruelty-free festivities instead.
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3. Take action against the National Trust culling wild boar

We were shocked to hear that the National Trust plan to cull wild boar on their Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire because they make some people feel intimidated. Please ask the National Trust to abandon these plans, and instead help educate the public on wild boar.

Write to the National Trust now

4. Keep up the pressure for horses! 

Sadly, around 200 horses die each year due to racing in Britain. Thanks to more than 105,000 people signing our petition, an historic debate took place in Parliament this October about race horse welfare. Please take a moment to write to your MP, and ask them to support our call for an independent horse welfare regulator, which would take meaningful action to stop horses dying in races.
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5. Ask your MP to speak out against cruel game bird cages

Tens of thousands of breeding pheasants and partridges are confined in cruel battery cages. The offspring they produce will eventually be shot for sport. Political support is growing for a ban on these cruel cages. Will you ask your MP to add their voice?

Patridges desperate to escape the confines of the cage

Visit our campaign website and take action

6. Join our call for vegan cheese on takeaway pizza!

We believe that making vegan options more widely available is crucial for encouraging more people to go vegan. Please join us in calling on major pizza takeaway company Papa John’s to offer a vegan cheese alternative.

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7. Ask Parkinson’s UK to stop supporting animal experiments

Animal Aid has discovered that Parkinson’s UK, through their drug development arm, will provide more than £780,000 for work which will include testing a drug on marmoset monkeys. Please ask Parkinson’s UK to fund only humane and effective non-animal research.


Contact Parkinson's UK now

8. Help save wildlife from being killed!

Are wild animals in danger near you? If you know about a business, local authority, school or workplace that is culling wild animals, please let us know so we can try to prevent this. We can contact the organisation with comprehensive advice on deterring wild animals humanely, and arrange to meet with them. You can use our reporting form, where you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

If you’re having problems with your own unwanted wildlife visitors, please view our humane deterrence sheets for advice


Report a cull

Thank you so much for your help.

If you would like more information about any of these campaigns, please contact us.

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