Take Action!

We couldn't make progress for animals without the help of compassionate people who campaign in their spare time. Here are some easy actions you can take to help our current campaigns to succeed.

1. Help us get hatching projects out of classrooms!

Write to Gillian Keegan MP, Secretary of State for Education, requesting that the reference to hatching and rearing chicks be removed from the Year 5 National Curriculum guidance.

You can also send our “What’s wrong with hatching projects” factsheet and letter to any teachers who may be considering running hatching projects. Email us their name and school address and we can send these on your behalf.


Download and send this letter to Gillian Keegan

2. Spread the word about our new Universities Challenged campaign and website

Our latest campaign will target universities to ensure that cruel experiments are consigned to the history books. We want to shed light on what types of experiments are being conducted and which species of animals are being routinely abused.

In addition, the information provided here can be used by students who are already at university, whether or not they are studying science, who deserve to know how their tuition fees are being spent.

Please visit the website and share the link with anyone you know who is a prospective student, current student, or anyone who wants to see an end to animal experiments.

Visit Universities Challenged now!

3. Choose cruelty-free food

Guide to Going Vegan cover

Going vegan is the single biggest step we can all take to help animals. You can download a free copy of our Guide to Going Vegan, as well as our Guide to Plant Based Cooking on a Budget. You might also like to check out our tips for vegan shopping and cooking at this difficult time.


Order a FREE Digital Vegan Pack

4. Download Animal Aid’s guide on “How to Get Active for Animals!” Handing out leaflets

Campaigning for animals can be a positive way to engage with the public about animal rights issues and encourage more compassion. It can also help influence businesses and other decision makers to avoid cruel practices. If you are new to campaigning or a seasoned activist looking for new suggestions, check out our guide on “How to Get Active for Animals!”

Download "How to Get Active for Animals!"

5. Ask the Minister to ban game bird cages

ban 'game bird' battery cages postcard

On game bird farms across the country, pheasants and partridges are kept in cages. They cannot express natural behaviours such as foraging, dustbathing, roosting and flying despite the Code of Practice saying that they must.

That is why we are asking you to contact your MP today, and urge him or her to write directly to the relevant Minister demanding change.

Write to your MP now

6. Ask ITV and BBC Radio 4 to stop promoting horse racing

We’re calling on ITV to stop broadcasting horse racing and asking Radio 4’s Today programme to stop broadcasting its ‘tip’ of the day. Horse abuse has been normalised by society over generations and through various means: its promotion and coverage on TV, radio, print and online media is used as a vehicle for gambling, the so-called ‘harmless flutter’.

This year, Animal Aid has launched a new campaign, aimed at raising public awareness of the dangers of Jump racing, and, ultimately, to bring an end to this dangerously cruel discipline that kills so many innocent animals.

Write to ITV and BBC Radio 4

7. Download one of our Medical Charities Lists to see which charities support animal experiments.

Animal Aid monitor and challenge charity-funded animal experiments. By raising public awareness of the cruel and pointless animal experiments funded by some medical research charities, and making it easy for people to challenge them, we aim to persuade these organisations to change their policies and focus solely on productive and ethical non-animal research.

Visit the Victims of Charity website to view or download a list of charities and whether they support animal experiments.

Visit our Victims of Charity website

8. As well as adding your name to petitions started by Animal Aid, there are also petitions started by others which are pushing to end the persecution and killing of various animals, and to protect our ability to fight for animals

The following petitions are only a small sample:

National Lottery Heritage Fund, stop giving money to kill grey squirrels!
Stop animal gifting
Stop the planned killing of wild parrots in the UK

Thank you so much for your help.

If you would like more information about any of these campaigns, please contact us. Please also take a moment to find out about more general ways you can support our work. And don’t forget to stay in touch! Please sign up to our email list, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.