Take Action

Help animals by writing letters, ordering action packs, getting involved with your local group and attending vegan fairs and demonstrations.

Order an action pack

We have action packs for each of our campaigns, full of information and tips on what you can do help. Order an action pack here.

Write a Letter to the Editor

A letter in a local paper can get the cruelty-free message to tens of thousands of people at once. The best time to submit one is in response to something that has just appeared in the paper. If the article appears to support something cruel, write in speaking up for the animals involved. If the article is positive, express gratitude or encouragement. You can also write to publicise a specific occasion or event, such as Horse Racing Awareness Week or the Great Vegan Challenge. See our Guide to Getting Active for Animals for more letter writing tips.

Distribute leaflets

Leaflets are simple but effective. They can be given out in your local town centre or dropped through letterboxes. Local shops, vets, libraries and veggie cafés may also be willing to have some on display. See the leaflets we have available. You can order some by emailing us or call the office on 01732 364546.

Become a local contact

We notify our contacts of initiatives that we need help with, such as our annual Vegan Month promotion in November and Horse Racing Awareness Week in the run-up to the Grand National. We will send you copies of new resources. If Animal Aid supporters want to make contact with others in their area, we put them in touch with you. Email or call us on 01732 364546 if you are interested.

Join a local group, or start your own

This is a fantastic way to meet other like-minded people. Get together at monthly meetings to share ideas, plan local demos, street stalls, displays, events or promotions and keep in touch with campaigns. Email or call 01732 364546 to find out if there’s a local group in your area. If there’s not, we can help you to start your own. See our Campaigning Guide for more information.

Visit the Events Diary

Visit our events diary. Find out about vegan festivals, demonstrations and other events. You can also request to add your events to our website.