Take Action!

We couldn't make progress for animals without the help of compassionate people who campaign in their spare time. Here are some easy actions you can take to help our current campaigns to succeed.

 1. Order a FREE ‘Go Vegan’ pack

Going vegan is the single biggest step you can take to help animals. Our FREE Go Vegan packs contain friendly advice on everything from nutrition to recipes. Already vegan? Why not order some of our leaflets to distribute, encouraging others to go animal-free too?


Order your FREE pack today!

2. Ask the Welsh Government for compulsory CCTV in slaughterhouses!

CCTV has been compulsory for slaughterhouses in England since late 2018, and the Scottish government also plans to introduce this measure. The Welsh Government has not yet taken this vital step. In spring and summer 2019, Animal Aid filmed inside a Welsh slaughterhouse, and we were shocked at the brutality and incompetence we uncovered.

While slaughter can never be cruelty-free, independently monitored CCTV would help to protect vulnerable animals from gratuitous suffering.

slaughterhouse worker roughly handles sheep

Write to the Welsh Government now!

3. Ask your MP to support a ban on the whip in horse racing

Please send a message to your MP, asking them to urge the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) to ban the use of the whip in horse racing.
race horses being whipped Fotolibra
Contact your MP now!

4. Can you help our petition reach a quarter of a million signatures? 

We want to bring an end to the racing of pregnant mares, following the awful death of Beyondtemptation, who was forced to race for a third time in just 17 days whilst pregnant. She and her unborn foal were killed in a horrific fall when racing on a British racecourse.  Please share this petition on social media and ask all your friends to sign and share. Thank you.

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5. Make your MP’s day, with a lovely postcard…

We have our lovely mouse-shaped postcards in stock again, so please order yours now! The postcards ask your MP to push for a targeted and timetabled reduction, to zero, of the numbers of animals killed each year in the name of ‘science’. Some MPs get mountains of post, so these colourful and unusual cards will really stand out from everything else! You can order the postcards by emailing info@animalaid.org.uk 

Mouse postcards to send to your MP

6. Speak out for grey squirrels!

Grey squirrels are classified as a ‘non-native’ animal, so people who want to rescue and release them must have a licence. From December, these licences will be scrapped, and it will effectively become illegal to rescue and release these gentle animals. Please take a moment to write to Natural England, and ask them to put a stop to these heartless plans.

Write to Natural England now

7. Help save wildlife from being killed

Are wild animals in danger near you? If you know about a business, local authority, school or workplace that is culling wild animals, please let us know so we can try to prevent this. We can contact the organisation with comprehensive advice on deterring wild animals humanely, and arrange to meet with them. You can use our reporting form, where you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

If you’re having problems with your own unwanted wildlife visitors, please view our humane deterrence sheets for advice


Report a cull

Thank you so much for your help.

If you would like more information about any of these campaigns, please contact us. Please also take a moment to find out about more general ways you can support our work. And don’t forget to stay in touch! Please sign up to our email list, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.