Animal Aid works hard to protect animals across the UK, and we get results!

Just some of our achievements are listed below:

  • Our undercover investigations have exposed widespread illegal cruelty in slaughterhouses and resulted in two men being jailed. Our campaigning persuaded the UK’s ten largest supermarkets to deal only with slaughterhouses that have CCTV installed.
  • Now, after almost a decade of campaigns and undercover investigations, we have persuaded the government to make CCTV compulsory for all slaughterhouses in England.
  • We played the central role in stopping Cambridge University from building a massive facility for experimenting on primates.
  • Since the launch of our campaign against charity-funded animal experiments, Age UK has stopped funding animal research. Marie Curie has also adopted a policy of not funding any animal experiments.
  • We stopped Oxford City Council and Eastbourne Borough Council from introducing cruel horse-drawn carriages.
  • We persuaded Westminster City Council to reject disastrous plans to run horse races in central London.
  • We stopped horses being sold for meat at Ascot horse sales.
  • We played a central role in persuading the racing industry to make changes to its whip rules, leading to stricter penalties for offenders.
  • In the wake of our #MarkItVegan campaign, Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons, Iceland and Waitrose have all committed to labelling their own-brand vegan products.
  • We played a central role in persuading Natural Resources Wales to ban pheasant shooting on its land.
  • We landed the shooting industry with a £20 million unpaid tax bill.
  • We forced John Lewis to disband its shooting club and end the rearing and shooting of pheasants on its estate.
  • We played a key role in stopping the government from getting rid of the ban on hunting.
  • We helped to stop a horrific new factory farm for chickens from being built.
  • Our government petition to ban snares passed the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a parliamentary debate – and the Welsh government has already announced plans to ban these cruel animal traps.
  • We worked hard alongside some excellent local groups, to successfully stop plans for a series of rabbit farms! This successful campaigning resulted in the owner of T&S Rabbits retiring from the industry completely!
  • We’re collaborating with XCellR8, the only vegan laboratory in the world, helping to fund their research to end the use of cruel, outdated Lethal Dose 50 tests. XCellR8 aim to replace the test, which is nearly 100 years old, with safer, more reliable, human-relevant methods
  • We held our first Future of Science conference! Nearly 100 science students had a tour of an animal-free laboratory in Warrington – where they heard from scientists in a range of fields; from safety-testing and toxicology to cancer research and dermatology – all without the use of animals!

The infographic below shows some of our work in 2023 (please click to enlarge):