Aims & objectives

Animal Aid was founded in January 1977 to work, by all peaceful means, for an end to animal cruelty.

The Society is a ‘not-for-profit’ Limited Company run by a voluntary Council of Management. Although its work is completely charitable, the Society is denied charitable status because an important part of its work involves campaigning for changes in the law concerning animal protection.

In addition to a wide range of educational leaflets, posters, booklets and audio-visual materials, the Society has a large national supporter base and a thriving youth/education department.

Our school video puts the moral and scientific arguments against animal experimentation. Watch Investigating Animal Research.


  • To increase public awareness of the abuse of animals in our society, particularly in vivisection laboratories and factory farms and to educate public opinion to demand, by all lawful means, the abolition of all experiments on animals, factory farming and all other forms of animal abuse.
  • To examine existing legislation on matters associated with the above objectives or related aspects and to promote social, legal and administrative reforms in furtherance of the above objectives.
  • To prevent exploitation of animals.
  • To educate the public and particularly young people to a sense of moral responsibility towards animals.
  • To promote, generally, a lifestyle which does not involve the abuse of animals.
  • To collect, and diffuse among members and the public generally, information on all matters affecting the above objectives and with a view there to print, issue and circulate papers, periodicals, books, circulars and other literary matter and produce film and audio-visual material, and to promote, sponsor, procure or assist in any way, courses or lectures or other instructions in furtherance of such objectives.

We have sent out thousands of vegan packs promoting a cruelty-free diet.

Living without cruelty

Launched in 1985, the Living Without Cruelty Campaign is an attempt to take the Animal Aid message further. Whilst continuing to educate people about the intensity and horrific scale of animal exploitation, Animal Aid feels it necessary to offer people positive alternatives to animal abuse.

The Living Without Cruelty message is simple: food, household goods, medicines and to some extent clothing and entertainment, are all dependent upon causing pain and misery to other living creatures. That pain and misery is unnecessary and Animal Aid is actively pursuing a future where animals no longer suffer.

Education department

Animal Aid also promotes positive change through education. Animal Aid has a dynamically active Education Department, supplying teaching resources and student information for all National Curriculum Key Stages and Sixth Form study.

Campaigning policy

Campaigning by Animal Aid groups must at all time reflect the policy of the Society which is strictly peaceful/non-violent. The Society is adamantly opposed to intimidation, violence, the threat of violence to individuals and/or their property.