Our Aims

Animal Aid was founded in January 1977 to work, by all peaceful means, for an end to animal cruelty.

About us

The organisation is a ‘not-for-profit’ Limited Company run by a voluntary Council of Management. We have chosen not to register as a charity, since this could restrict our political campaigning.

Our vision

Our ultimate vision is of a world that is free from animal abuse and exploitation. Animals would no longer be harmed and exploited for human gain, but allowed to live out their lives in peace. The public would recognise and respect the rights of animals, and these would also be protected by law. All animals, regardless of their species, would benefit from these fundamental rights to life and freedom.

We recognise that this is very much a long-term vision, which will take many decades to achieve. So as well as working towards this, we also take a pragmatic approach, and campaign for measures that will help to reduce animal suffering in the meantime.

Our Aims

  • Change the status and perception of animals, from ‘objects’ that can be used for human gain, to sentient individuals whose rights should be respected.
  • Decrease public support for practices that involve animal abuse, to the point where people would like to see them outlawed.
  • Decrease demand for practices that involve animal abuse, to the point where they are no longer commercially viable.
  • In the meantime, secure legislation that will help to prevent some of the worst animal suffering.