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Animal Aid is committed to protecting your personal information. We value your support and respect your privacy.

If you have any questions, or you would like to change your details, please contact us:

  • By post: Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge TN9 1AW
  • By telephone: 01732 364546
  • By email:

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Who is Animal Aid?

Animal Aid is a not-for-profit organisation which campaigns peacefully to end all animal abuse and promote cruelty-free living. We are incorporated under the name Animal Abuse Injustice and Defence Society, a company limited by guarantee. Registered in the UK, our company number is 1787309.

What information will Animal Aid collect about me?

When you take action to support Animal Aid, we may keep a record of the details you enter onto our website or in response to any emailed or postal request. This could include your name, address, postcode, and any optional information you have added, such as your title.

If you sign up to receive Animal Aid’s e-newsletters, we will keep a record of your name, email address, country and address if you have provided it. The reason we record country is so that we can avoid alerting you to any actions that you won’t be able to take (e.g. government e-petitions can only be signed by people living in the UK). You can stop receiving our emails at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of our messages.

We also keep a record of donations, subscriptions and goods orders that you make.

If you take part in our online campaigns, we will record which petitions and actions you have signed. This allows us to send emails tailored specifically to you. For example, if you signed a petition in favour of slaughterhouse CCTV, we might acknowledge this when we ask you to contact your MP about the same issue. This also helps us to make sure the emails we send out encourage the maximum number of people to take action and help animals.

How will Animal Aid use my information?

Financial details

If you provide us with your card details in order to make a donation, these will be used in order to process the payment but your card details are never stored on our database.

Postal addresses

If you have given us your postal address, we will normally send you four fundraising appeals per year, and you may also receive Outrage magazine four times per year. If you would prefer not to receive any postal mail from us you can let us know by visiting our opt-out page, telephoning 01732 364 546 or emailing

The money we raise through postal appeals is vital for allowing us to continue our work to end animal cruelty. We receive no state funding, and rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters.

We may write to you to respond to any queries you have raised with us, or to thank you for a donation. We will also use your address to send you any leaflets or other information that you have specifically requested.

Email addresses

If you have signed up to our e-newsletters, we will send you a monthly round-up with news about our campaigns and information about how to support them. We will also send you action alerts (usually no more than one per week) letting you know how you can help with specific campaigns. Occasionally (around six times per year) we will send you an email asking if you would consider donating to our latest fundraising appeal.

We may also use your email address to respond to any queries you have raised with us, since this is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than responding by post.

Telephone numbers

If you have given us your telephone number, we may use this to answer queries you have raised with us. We may also use it to ask you if you have a new address, if a mailing is returned to us saying that you have moved. We may occasionally use it to thank you for a donation, or to ask if you would like to renew your support for Animal Aid if we haven’t heard from you in a while. In very exceptional circumstances we may telephone you to ask for urgent, non-financial help, but this would be very rare (e.g. if someone contacts us about an animal in distress in your area).

We may also telephone you if we have a query about your goods order, for example if vital information is missing (colour/size etc), to inform you of an unavailable item or if the payment details provided are incomplete (e.g. card expiry date).

Details of past donations

We will use these records to make sure that the correspondence you receive from us is appropriate for you. For example, if you have previously donated more than £500, we may invite you to special events for major donors. We will also use these records to determine who might be interested in other types of giving, such as leaving a legacy to Animal Aid. If you would prefer not to be included in this process, you can let us know by telephoning 01732 364 546 or emailing

Will Animal Aid pass my information on to anyone else?

We never sell or rent your information to other companies or organisations, or arrange to provide our supporters’ details in exchange for theirs.

When you are using our secure online donation pages or ordering goods from our secure online shop, your donation is processed by third party payment processors (Worldpay or Sage Pay), who specialise in the secure online capture and processing of credit/debit card transactions. If you have any questions regarding secure transactions, please contact us.

If you have signed an online action (such as a petition or letter) the details you have filled in will be sent to the recipient. For example, if you have signed a petition asking Cancer Research UK not to support animal experiments, your details will be sent to Cancer Research UK.

If you have given us your name and postal address, then this will also be shared with our secure mailing house Synergy Group – the company which sends out our mailings for us. Due to the number of recipients, it would be impractical for us to send out every mailing from our office. However, we remain responsible for keeping your data safe and secure, which is something we take extremely seriously.

Use of cookies

Like many other websites, the Animal Aid website uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of text stored on your computer. They collect statistical data about your browsing actions and patterns but do not identify you as an individual. This helps us to improve our website – for example, by telling us which pages are most popular with visitors and whether visitors are running into problems anywhere on our website.

It is possible to switch off cookies by setting your browser preferences. Visit the help menu on the browser that you use for instructions. You can find out more about cookies by visiting

Can I request to see the data you hold about me?

Yes, of course. If you would like to see a copy of the data we hold about you, please just tell us by letter, email or over the phone. From May 2018, we will be legally obliged to answer your request within a month, but we will normally do so much sooner than this (we aim for two working days).

What if I don’t want you to hold my data any more?

That’s no problem at all. Please just tell us by letter, email or over the phone and we will delete your record from our database. We’d be very sorry to see you go though!