Gifts in wills

Gifts in wills allow us to carry out long-term campaigns and teach compassion to future generations.

Becky with her dog

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Making your will with Animal Aid

Animal Aid receives no state or lottery funding, and we have not applied to be a charity, as charity law could restrict our campaigning. More than a quarter of our income comes from gifts in wills. That income supports long-term strategic work, such as our successful ten-year campaign for compulsory, independently monitored CCTV cameras to be installed in slaughterhouses.

Your legacy for the future

Gifts in wills also help us to teach compassion to future generations. Each year, our nationwide network of volunteer school speakers delivers hundreds of talks and cookery demonstrations in schools. We also provide educational resources to teachers, helping to take our message of compassion to tens of thousands of young people.

Free will writing service

Animal Aid will cover the cost of writing your will whether you wish to visit a solicitor or have a qualified professional visit you at home.

Further information

For further information about leaving a gift to Animal Aid in your will, please contact us on 01732 364546 ext 224 or request an information pack.

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