10 steps to help end animal experiments

While the scale and horror of animal experiments can seem overwhelming, here are some simple steps you can take to help make animal experiments a thing of the past:

  1. Find out more about the terrible warfare experiments conducted on animals by visiting our special microsite. You can also find out about various things you can do to support our campaign too.
  2. Find out about our ‘Mice Matter’ campaign, which encourages people to care about mice and explains how mice are complex and should not be kept in laboratories.  You can also order some ‘Mice Matter’ leaflets which are suitable for all ages. They are ideal for information stalls, giving to friends or even for popping through some doors in your neighbourhood.
  3. Visit our Victims of Charity website, to find out more about the animal experiments being supported by charities. You can also submit complaints directly to the bosses of charities that support animal experiments.
  4. Visit our ‘Don’t leave a legacy of suffering’ page, on our Victims of Charity website, to find out how certain medical research charities receive huge amounts of money from legacies left in wills, and how this money may be used to fund animal research.
  5. Check out our list of medical charities, and whether they test on animals or fund animal research, so you can be sure that any donations you give are being used for humane research.
  6. If you see a newspaper article mentioning animal experiments, send a letter to the paper telling them that, because the data from animal experiments cannot be reliably applied to people, animal experiments are harming animals and humans too.
  7. Ensure that the ingredients in products you buy have not been tested on animals. Look for the Leaping Bunny logo, or choose Lush or Barry M for cosmetics – you may also wish to check that they are vegan. Many companies’ own-brand products are approved by the Leaping Bunny scheme, including Superdrug, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and the Co-op. None of the products sold in the Animal Aid shop have been tested on animals, and all of them are vegan, too.
  8. Order our ‘Is your money paying for animal experiments?’ leaflet to hand out to people, encouraging them to support only humane research.
  9. Sign up for email updates about our campaigns against animal experiments, as well as our other work.
  10. Please make a donation to help support our campaigns against animal experiments.