Animal Pride awards for compassion to animals

Posted on the 31st July 1998

Devon Award

Tina, a spaniel for saving her owner Mr Gill, when he fell while on a cliff top walk. Mr Gill from Lynton, is 81 years old and suffers from dementia and memory loss. He took Tina for a walk on the evening of 20 April, but when they failed to return, an extensive search was organised through the night and into the morning. Mr Gill was found suffering from hypothermia and the doctors agreed that the reason for his survival was that Tina had stayed with Mr Gill, lying across his body to keep him warm all night.

The award presentation will be made by Nigel Taylor, (veterinary surgeon at the Hillcrest Veterinary Centre), at the Armada Shopping Centre, Plymouth, at 2pm on Saturday 15 August.

Manchester Awards

Officers of White Watch, Bury Fire Station and Whitefield fire Station, for the rescue of a horse which fell into the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal in Manchester on 17 December 1997. One fireman who put on a dry suit, went into the canal to guide the horse to the bank. Other crew members then managed to get the horse’s front feet onto the bank and put a rope underneath the animal before he/she sunk into the mud. The horse was pulled to safety and taken to a local farm to recover.

Gizmo, a sheltie cross for saving a man from freezing to death during the winter of 1997. Gizmo found 18 year old Stuart Fitzpatrick who had collapsed in the snow in sub-zero temperatures near to his home in Cheshire. The heroic dog returned home, alerted his owners and took them out to where the youngster lay helpless in the snow. Stuart was taken straight to hospital where he made a full recovery.

The award presentations will take place at The Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester, at 11am on Tuesday 18 August.

West Yorkshire Award

The Blue Watch, Dewsbury Fire Station, for the rescue of numerous animals from dangerous situations. On New Years Eve members of Blue Watch entered a house that was in flames and discovered a greyhound and cockatiel, both unconscious. They managed to get them to safety and revive them using oxygen. Other recent rescues include saving a yorkshire terrier and a cat trapped in house fires, saving a dog trapped under rubble and another trapped on a bridge support.

The presentation will be made by The Lord Mayor of Leeds at the Corn Exchange Shopping Centre, Leeds, at 11am on Thursday 20 August.

Avon Award

16 year old Jonathon Florey for saving the life of Tilly, a small yorkshire terrier. While waiting at Patchway railway station near Bristol in February earlier this year, Jonathon saw a group of young youths throw Tilly onto the railway track into the path of an oncoming train. Acting quickly and without a thought for his own safety, he leapt onto the track, grabbed Tilly’s back legs and pulled her to safety. Tilly lost her front leg, but survived and was later reunited with her owners.

The presentation will be made by The Lord Mayor of Bristol at The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol, at 11am on Saturday 22 August.

Staffordshire Award

Iris Wright for dedicating her life to caring for the cats of Stoke. Iris has spent over 25 years of her life taking in, caring for and re-homing stray cats. Iris Cats in Need is the main cat rescue group in Stoke on Trent. She has cared for thousands of cats over the years, fostering in her own home as well as heading a group of dedicated volunteers. She has also set up two shops and organises many fund-raising activities.

The presentation will be made by Barbara Adams (presenter of the afternoon programme on BBC Radio Stoke), at The Potteries Shopping Centre, Stoke on Trent, at 11am on Tuesday 25 August.

Oxfordshire Award

Alex Gilmour, Deputy Manager of the Blue Cross adoption centre in Burford, for saving the life of her mother-in-law’s pet wolfhound Tolstoy when the house caught fire. Alex bravely entered the kitchen which was full of smoke and grabbed Tolstoy who was lying unconscious on the floor. She rushed him to safety and managed to revive him using mouth to mouth resuscitation (or rather mouth to nose!). Tolstoy has now made a full recovery.

The presentation will be made by The Lord Mayor of Oxford, at The Westgate Shopping Centre, at 11am on Saturday 29 August.

Midlands Award

Janet Taylor for dedicating her life to the care of sick and neglected farm animals. Janet established the Farm Animal Sanctuary twelve years ago and now cares for over 500 animals including horses, sheep, lambs, cows and pigs. Many of these animals have been rescued from livestock markets where they were found in appalling condition. Every animal taken in receives the same individual care and attention from Janet and her band of volunteer helpers.

The presentation will be made by Dr Lynne Jones MP for Selly Oak, at The Pallasades Shopping Centre, at 11am on Thursday 3 September.

Essex Award

Tick-tack, a 10 month old tortoiseshell tabby for alerting Mark Sawyer and Wendy Jenkins to a fire in their flat on 22 June this year. Mark and Wendy were woken up at 4.30 in the morning by Tick-tack who was meowing, scratching and pawing at their bed. When they went to investigate they found flames coming from the fridge in the cafe downstairs, so they quickly called the fire brigade. With their exit blocked by smoke, they waited for the rescue services to arrive and then managed to escape down a ladder with pet cats Tick-tack and Taz in their arms.

The presentation will be made by the Mayor and Mayoress of Thurrock, at The Lakeside Shopping Centre, at 11am on Saturday 5 September.

Cambridgeshire Award

Judy, an 18 year old collie dog, for alerting the Bays family, from March in Cambridgeshire, to a fire in their house on the night of 19 January 1998. Judy, who is partly deaf and blind, raised the alarm by waking Mr and Mrs Bays at about midnight. Judy then ran off to wake up the rest of the family. Everyone managed to vacate the house safely, but Judy was nowhere to be found. Once the fire brigade got the fire under control, they entered the house and found Judy safely asleep on the bed.

The presentation will be made by The Lord Mayor of Peterborough, at The Queensgate Shopping Centre, at 12.30 pm on Wednesday 9 September.

Leicestershire Award

Mr and Mrs Dargue from Bosworth, Leicestershire, for dedicating their lives to saving and caring for horses. 8 years ago they sold their terrace house to buy 20 acres of land to set up a rescue and rehabilitation centre for horses called Horses Voice. They have taken in numerous horses that were found suffering and in a terrible state and have brought them back to good health. Once rehabilitated many horses go out to foster houses under a loan scheme which safeguards their welfare.

The presentation will be made by The Lord Mayor of Leicester, at The Shires Shopping Centre at 10.30 am on Saturday 12 September.

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