Bonfire Night – Songs to Soothe from Classic FM

Posted on the 27th October 2023

This Bonfire Night, please spare a thought for the animals and birds who may be terrified by the deafening crashes and blinding flashes of fireworks.

You can minimise the impact by keeping cats and dogs indoors from the afternoon onwards and bringing rabbits and guinea pigs inside as well (or at least covering their home with a thick blanket to muffle the noise).

You can also help drown out the scary noises by tuning all radios in the house to some soothing music, close all curtains and pull as many doors as possible almost shut – this will deaden the noise, but allow them to leave a room if they choose.

Also, if you are having a bonfire, please check that hedgehogs and other wild animals have not made a home in your bonfire before you light it. Pile rubbish in one place and move it to the site of the fire before you light it.

You will also be pleased to hear that Classic FM’s Pet Classics is on air from 5pm to 9pm on Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November 2023.

The shows will feature the most calming music to keep you and your companion animals relaxed.

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