Campaigning Against a Cull on Social Media

Encourage other people to get involved by posting details of the cull on your social media pages. You can also share posts with different groups (such as vegan ones, animal rescues and local community groups). You can explain how culls are cruel and a waste of time and money and ask other people to contact the organiser to voice their concerns.

Suggested wording for social media posts (please amend in line with the information you have):

URGENT: [Who] are planning a [which animal] cull at [Location] on [date of cull, if known].

Methods to cull [which animal] are cruel and can cause terrible suffering. They are also a waste of time and money as other [which animal] will simply move into an empty territory. Please contact [Add email address] and politely ask them to choose non-lethal humane alternatives to deter wildlife.

For more information, please visit: Thank you. Please share.

If you have a photo you’ve taken of an animal that may be culled in your area, please add this. If you don’t have one, there are websites which offer royalty-free pictures, such as Pixabay.    

Have you created a petition? If you have, why not share that, too? 

If you would like a list of animal rights and vegan groups in your area, please contact Animal Aid.