Terrible warfare experiments exposed in our newest campaign

Today we are launching a new campaign to raise awareness of, and ultimately stop, all warfare experiments involving animals. All animal experiments are cruel and unreliable, but warfare experiments are particularly heinous. This is because...

Posted 21 Feb 2019

Horrific laboratory deaths described in annual report

Yesterday, 3 December, the Home Office department that regulates animal experiments published its annual report, and it makes for grim reading. The report covers 2017, and outlines 40 cases of ‘non-compliance’ with the law on...

Posted 04 Dec 2018

Animal Experiments – scandalous annual statistics

Home Office statistics, released today, reveal the horrifying scale of experiments on living animals in Great Britain. In 2017, 3,721,744 animals were used for the first time, including monkeys, dogs, cats, horses, mice, rats and...

Posted 19 Jul 2018

Experimental laboratory mice are raised in the IVC, individually ventilated cages system protecting from bacterial infection

Horrific dental experiments on rabbits

Researchers wishing to conduct animal experiments must produce a ‘non-technical summary’ of what they plan to do. These summaries are published once the experiments are authorised, often more than a year after they have started....

Posted 17 Apr 2018

Chilling ‘shopping list’ of rodents used in experiments

When researchers apply for permission to carry out animal experiments, they must produce a ‘non-technical summary’ of what they will be doing. These summaries are published after the experiments are authorised, often a year or...

Posted 11 Apr 2018