Take action for game birds!

The breeding season for game birds will be underway soon, which means that many thousands of pheasants and partridges used as ‘breeding stock’ will be confined to oppressive metal battery cages.

Posted 07 Mar 2022

Patridges desperate to escape the confines of the cage

Undercover investigations reveal routine horror at game farms

Today marks the start of the shooting of millions of pheasants for ‘sport’. For almost two decades, Animal Aid has investigated and documented this industry – including the dreadful industrial operations, hidden from the public...

Posted 01 Oct 2021

West Sussex July 2021

Take action to ban cruel cages

Unbelievably, thousands of pheasants and partridges, used by the shooting industry for breeding purposes, are still being imprisoned in battery-style cages.

Posted 07 May 2021

Patridges desperate to escape the confines of the cage

Our work in 2020

Despite the global pandemic, two lockdowns and most of our staff currently working from home, thanks to you, we have been able to achieve a lot for animals in 2020, as you can see in...

Posted 24 Dec 2020