Contact your Local Media about a Pigeon Cull

Getting the story in your local paper or on the radio is a good way to publicise your campaign and to get more opposition to the cull.

Here is an example of a press release to be sent to your local newspaper. If you choose to use our example, please amend it to include the relevant information. Please get in touch if you would like us to send you the contact details of your local papers and radio stations. 


Local residents condemn [Name of Council/local group/school etc] plans to cull pigeons as cruel and a waste of resources 

It has emerged that [Name of Council/ club or school] plans to cull pigeons in the local area. Residents were horrified that the council has made such a cruel and short-sighted decision and [Number] people have signed a petition opposing the plan. 

Residents are concerned about the cruelty associated with culling. Shooting birds can never be entirely accurate, so wounded birds may be left to die in agony. Shooting with firearms can also pose a danger to the public and other wildlife. The use of birds of prey can also cause tremendous suffering, as terrified pigeons are pursued and torn apart. 

Most councils now understand that killing wildlife is cruel, ineffective and a waste of money. If there is a good source of food in an area and the environment remains attractive, more pigeons will quickly replace those killed, leading to an endless cycle of culling and expense for councils. This also represents a waste of council tax revenue [if carried out by a council].  

There are many humane ways to deter pigeons from an area, such as ensuring streets are kept clean and street bins are emptied or blocking access to roof spaces and buildings. 

The council has been sent resources outlining humane deterrents and also been provided with the details of companies specialising in humane wildlife deterrence.  

[Add your own quote here, for example]

[Your Name] from [Town] says most people, including myself, enjoy seeing pigeons and other wildlife in our local town and the decision to cull pigeons is shocking and is likely to be extremely unpopular. I ask the council to show compassion and tolerance towards wildlife, by halting their plans for the cull and instead choosing non-lethal humane methods to deter pigeons if necessary.


  • If you have created a petition, you could put in the link and if you are planning an action or demonstration, you could also mention the details.  
  • Remember to include your name and phone number.  

Letter to the Editor 

Another option is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper (or even a national one). This can be useful if there is already an article about the cull in the paper, either opposing it or championing it. Your letter can refer to this earlier article and either agree with it or challenge it. Letters to the editor are usually shorter.  

We have lots of tips on writing a letter to the editor in our “Get Active for Animals Guide” 

Below is an example of a letter to the editor. Please use this example as a guide and amend it to include the relevant information. 


Dear Letters Editor, 

I was shocked to see that [Name of council/school etc] is planning to cull pigeons at [location]. In a world where wildlife is rapidly declining, we should be showing tolerance and compassion to the other species with whom we share the planet. 

Methods used to cull pigeons are cruel and can inflict terrible suffering. Shooting birds can never be entirely accurate and wounded pigeons may be left to die in agony.  

As well as being cruel, killing pigeons does not work, so it is a waste of resources. If there is a good source of food in an area and the environment remains attractive, more pigeons will quickly move into the area to replace those who have been killed. 

I hope the council will reconsider its decision to cull the pigeons and instead opt for non-lethal humane methods, such as blocking access to buildings. I urge other concerned residents to contact [Name of council/school etc] Thank you.  

[Your name] 

[Local Resident]