Don’t give a goat – plant a tree!

Posted on the 19th December 2006

Donate £10 towards an ethical poverty relief scheme

Animal Aid is supporting a tree-planting initiative in Kenya, which will provide fruit-bearing trees for local families. The aim is to help 100 families to plant 20 trees each, which will bear oranges, avocados, mangoes, pawpaws, kei apples, and macadamia nuts, with a few additional trees for timber and firewood.

Trees, not Goats

Sending livestock to impoverished communities adds to the burdens of those poorest people. Not only does an animal need food, water, land and veterinary cover – all of which are in short supply in much of Africa – but they often constitute an ecological disaster with some species decimating the local environment and increasing the risk of desertification.

Helping local families to plant trees is a positive and ethical way to support those who live in impoverished and environmentally vulnerable parts of the world. Please pledge £10 towards this project today!

How Pledgebank works

You pledge to give £10 but only send your money if 200 other people make the same pledge. If the target number is not reached, no one pays. If 200 people pledge to donate £10 each, the project will succeed.

How do I pledge?

Visit this website and simply sign up! If/when 200 people also pledge you will receive an email telling you how to pay.

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