The Animals’ War: History KS3 lesson plans

The Animals War

These lessons make use of a wide range of sources such as photographs, letters, historical documents and personal accounts. Many of these are sourced courtesy of the collections of the Imperial War Museum.

The lesson plans are as follows:

Lesson 1(A) & 1(B): The role of animals in WWI
Lesson 2: What was the war like for horses during WWI?
Lesson 3: How significant was the role played by animals during WWI?
Lesson 4: The changing role of horses in WWI
Lesson 5: Animals and poisonous gas in WWI
Lesson 6: Canaries and tunnels in WWI
Lesson 7: Getting the message through
Lesson 8: Heroes or victims?

The lesson plans, along with their associated resources are available for download below.

Download lesson plans and resources