Example Letter to Organisers who have Confirmed they will be using Live Reindeer at a Festive Event 

Below is an example letter to send to an event organiser. If you can, please personalise it, as personal letters will have more impact.

Dear [event organiser]

I was shocked to learn you are planning to exhibit live reindeer as part of your festive celebrations. As a local resident I am strongly opposed to this.

The environments of festive events are totally unsuitable for reindeer. Factors such as bright lights, noisy crowds and interaction with excitable members of the public can all appear as threats to reindeer. Unable to escape anything which they don’t like, this can lead to them experiencing fear.

Reindeer are herd animals who have adapted to live in a cold climate and roam for many miles in the Arctic tundra. They selectively browse on a range of herbs, plants, and lichen. This is a hugely different existence to the one experienced by reindeer kept in captivity: fed an unnatural diet, limited to small spaces, and forced to pull Santa’s sleigh or be confined in noisy public places in the name of ‘festive fun’.

A new report written by Dr Tayla Hammond and commissioned by OneKind highlights the health and welfare concerns for captive reindeer in the UK. Reindeer are susceptible to a range of diseases in captivity, and their health can be compromised further by the stress of being transported to and from events. In addition, the dietary changes that occur at events can lead to problems with the reindeer’s digestion and even death.

The founder of the Veterinary Deer Society stated that: “They [reindeer] are not well able to cope with the stress of captivity, and most of the diseases we see here in reindeer are stress-related”.

Moreover, Animal Aid’s historic undercover investigations into several UK reindeer farms exposed appalling suffering behind the scenes, including obvious signs of poor health and even deliberate abuse.

Considering the above, I ask you to please cancel the appearance of live animals at your event and instead choose a kind way to spread festive cheer. There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate Christmas that do not involve harming animals. I do hope you will choose kindness.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

[your name here]

Local resident