Example letter to send to your local newspaper

Below is an example letter to your local newspaper in the event of a live reindeer event being booked. If you can, please personalise it, in case other locals are also using our letter template.

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to see that [insert organiser here] is planning to exhibit live reindeer as part of this year’s festive celebrations. I strongly object to this.

These events attract crowds of often noisy, excitable people, demanding interaction, with nowhere for reindeer to retreat to. This can cause great distress to these sensitive animals. They are often transported up and down the country to be exhibited. Behind the scenes they are unable to roam the vast distances that they would in the Arctic tundra. This all severely impacts upon their health and welfare.

Over the course of 2018, national campaign group Animal Aid has extensively investigated what happens when reindeer are ‘off duty’ on farms. They uncovered:
• A worker kicking and shouting at reindeer
• Reindeer with raw-looking exposed skin
• Animals with heavy diarrhoea
• Animals stuck out on a concrete yard with seemingly no opportunity to graze

In light of the above, I appeal to the organisers to put a stop to the proposed event and find a kinder way to spread festive cheer. I would also urge members of the local community not to support events such as these, which feature live captive animals.

Yours faithfully,


[your name here]

[your address – newspapers often require your postal address, but you can request that it is not printed]
Local resident