Example Letter to Send to Your Local Newspaper 

Below is an example letter to send your local newspaper if you hear of an event in your area which uses live animals. If you can, please personalise it, in case other locals are also using our letter template. 

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to learn that ________________________ is planning to exhibit live reindeer as part of their festive celebrations this year. I strongly object to this.

Reindeers’ needs are simply not met by the demands placed upon them at most festive events; busy crowds, bright lights, and excitable people all demanding interaction are just some of the factors that lead reindeer to experience fear. On top of this, gruelling travel schedules as they are taken to various events can be extremely tiring. All of these factors can harm their immune systems, leading to ill health and even death.

A new report commissioned by animal protection group OneKind revealed how reindeer living in captivity in the UK experience very low welfare: “poor body weight, weight loss, muscle atrophy and general malaise are commonly reported problems in reindeer, with poor management regarded as the underlying cause”.

Animal Aid and other animal advocacy groups raise concerns each year about the welfare of reindeer used in festive events and ask event organisers to stop using reindeer in their events.

I would also urge members of the local community not to support events which feature live animals and to have a kinder Christmas instead. You can find different ideas for a compassionate Christmas here.

Yours faithfully,

[your name here]

Local resident

[your address – newspapers often require your postal address, but you can request that it is not printed]