Grayingham Grange Farm, Grayingham, Lincolnshire

Posted on the 23rd January 2009

(Filmed August 2008)

Meryl Ward is a director of Ermine Farms Ltd, which encompasses Grayingham Grange Farm and Sandhouse Farm. The business comprises 2000 sows and finished pigs. Her current roles include BPEX director, treasurer of the British Pig Industry Support Group, a member of the government advisory body, the Farm Animal Welfare Council and she is a governor of Harper Adams University College.

  • There appear to be no breeding facilities here.
  • Adult pigs are housed in groups in pens. All appear to be tail docked.
  • Aside from a smattering of straw, there is no evidence of any environmental enrichment being provided.

Watch the footage taken on Grayingham Grange Farm:

This film shows the conditions found on:

  • Norway Farm: from 00.05 to 04.25
  • Grayingham Grange Farm: from 04.26 to 05.42
  • Sandhouse Farm: from 05.43 to 09.53

Please fast forward to the footage you wish to view.

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