Harness Racing Australia announces whip ban

Posted on the 12th December 2016

Harness Racing Australia has announced it will ban the use of the whip in racing from 1 September 2017.

RSPCA Australia has welcomed the decision and has called on the Thoroughbred racing industry, which is currently holding a whip review, to follow the lead of the harness racing industry and end the use of the whip.

Says Animal Aid Campaigns Manager, Fiona Pereira:

‘The development by Harness Racing Australia is evidence of the pressure that the racing and sport horse industries are coming under from both the public and campaign groups including Animal Aid. There is a growing opposition to the cruelty and exploitation of using horses in sport.

‘Animal Aid has long opposed use of the whip. Any move to restrict its use up to and including a total ban, is positive and to be welcomed. But it would not change the fundamental truth about the use of horses in these exploitative industries. We are convinced they have no legitimate place in a society that counts itself as civilised and humane.’

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