Horse collapses and dies at notorious Cheltenham Racecourse after racing in very hot weather

Posted on the 19th April 2018

Dame Rose (FR), a young five-year-old mare, has collapsed and died after finishing fourth in a two-and-a-half mile hurdle race at the notorious Cheltenham Racecourse.

Despite weather conditions being officially described ‘Very Hot’ and Wind conditions as ‘Nil’, horses were allowed to race in the next two races of the afternoon, before the racecourse pulled the plug on just one race of the afternoon (the 3.50pm chase). However, it was back to business as usual for the 4.25pm race.

Says Animal Aid’s Horse Racing Consultant, Dene Stansall:

‘Yet again we see horses being forced to race in conditions that are totally unsuitable for their welfare. Heat exhaustion is a major issue with equines and their needs should have been properly considered before racing ever took place today.

Weather forecasting is very accurate and Cheltenham should have not proceeded with the meeting knowing full well that it would be the hottest day since last summer. In addition, with no wind to cool horses, it was a disaster waiting to happen. We believe that the young Dame Rose paid the ultimate price with her life.’


Editors’ Notes

Please sign Animal Aid’s e-petition to demand change to welfare regulation

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