New Irish Horse Death Watch website reveals 100 horses have lost their lives in the past twelve months

Posted on the 14th March 2022

As the best of Ireland’s race horses come over to Britain to run at the Cheltenham Festival, they leave behind in Ireland a shocking death toll of horses who have gone under the public, media and political radar.

Following on from Animal Aid’s exposé of Irish race horses being sent for slaughter in England – seen on the BBC’s Panorama documentary ‘The Dark Side of Horse Racing’ – Animal Aid has followed up with an investigation into race horse deaths in both the Republic of Ireland and North Ireland where all racecourses are regulated by the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB).

This March, Animal Aid launch a dedicated website that focuses on horses who are killed due to racing on Irish racecourses, in line with Animal Aid’s long established British racecourse horse death website Race Horse Death Watch.

The Irish Horse Death Watch website gives the names of the equine victims, their age, the date and the racecourse on which they ran, and the fatal injury they suffered.

The devastating fact is that 100 horses have lost their lives in the past twelve months, showing a disastrous horse welfare policy that should be a source of shame. It requires action not only from the IHRB but also from the Irish Government who fund this unscrupulous industry.

Visit Irish Race Horse Death Watch

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