Newent Town Council Urged to Drop Cruel Camel Parade from Christmas Lights Switch On

Posted on the 3rd October 2017

Newent Town Council is being urged to drop plans for a proposed camel parade during the town’s Christmas lights switch on.

After being contacted by concerned residents, Animal Aid has written to the Town Clerk and Mayor of Newent asking them to reconsider using live animals for ‘entertainment’.

In their letter, Animal Aid states that animals like camels are naturally shy and would shun human contact, yet when placed in captive situations, they have no choice but to bear the large, noisy crowds and bright lights.

Further stress is caused through transport and often being forced to reside in temporary, rudimentary accommodation, which severely restrict the animals’ ability to exhibit natural behaviours.

Says Animal Aid Campaign Manager, Tod Bradbury:


‘Not only is it cruel to transport animals the length and breadth of the country, just to display them in stressful situations for the sake of entertainment, it also gives the wrong impression to the public, particularly young children. It teaches them that animals can be treated as commodities and decorations, rather than to respect animals as sentient beings.

‘Whilst we understand that the aim of the event is to provide joy and Christmas cheer to the people of Newent, this can be achieved without putting the well-being of animals at risk. We hope that Newent Town Council make the compassionate decision and cancel the camel parade.’

Notes for editors

  • Letters and emails to the Town Clerk and Mayor of Newent are available on request.
  • For more information please contact Tod Bradbury on / 01732 364546 ext 223


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