Order postcards and help keep gun magazines out of the hands of children

Please order our campaign postcards, which ask leading newsagents to ban the sale of gun magazines to anyone under the age of 18, and to move those publications to the top shelf, out of the reach of children.

Recently it has come to light that WH Smith already has a 14-and-over age limit applied to the sale of gun magazines – a policy that has angered the gun lobby and put pressure on the retailer to remove any age restrictions.

Animal Aid – along with 84 per cent of the general public (according to the results of a recent NOP poll) – want a ban on the sale of gun magazines to under-18s. The same poll also revealed that 74 per cent of the public support our call to have such material moved to a top shelf position.

Order a set, or multiple sets, of the campaign postcards, and pass them to friends and family. We can let WH Smith know that public opinion is overwhelmingly on our side.