Patients say no to animal experiments!

Posted on the 3rd November 2011

As part of its high-profile Victims of Charity campaign - which calls on the public to withhold financial support from medical research charities that fund animal experiments - Animal Aid has launched a new webpage featuring on-the-record statements by several opponents of such experiments, who themselves are afflicted with serious medical conditions. Their message, in relation to the animal tests, is: ‘Not in my name’.

Charities such as the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Parkinson’s UK and the Alzheimer’s Society claim that they fund animal research for the benefit of patients. But Animal Aid’s recently published Victims of Charity (VoC) scientific report demonstrates that animal ‘models’ of human disease are unreliable, and that the data generated can be dangerously misleading. Prior to the June 2011 launch of the VoC campaign, Animal Aid invited people who are suffering from diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, to declare their opposition to the animal experiments that are carried out in their name. The campaign group received many heartfelt statements, which have been brought together to create the new webpage.

Animal Aid’s Victims of Charity report was co-researched and written by the group’s Scientific Consultant, Dr Adrian Stallwood MB BS. It examined past and contemporary accounts of experimental procedures by laboratory researchers themselves, as well as scientific reviews in leading specialist journals.

Focusing on experiments funded by the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Parkinson’s UK and the Alzheimer’s Society, VoC describes procedures in which researchers:

  • deliberately damaged monkeys’ brains with toxic chemicals
  • slowly and systematically destroyed the hearts of dogs
  • injected mice with cancerous tissue/li>

The report concludes that animal-based research into cancer, dementia, heart disease and Parkinson’s has been a wasteful and futile quest, leading to the marketing of ineffective drugs and treatments.

A typical statement is offered by Joan from Cambridge:
My name is Joan Court. I am 92 years old and I have ventricular heart failure and arthritis. Under no circumstances would I agree to animal experiments to be carried out on my behalf, and I do not believe that any animal experiments would have any relevance to my condition, or to my recovery from a slight stroke.

Other statements come from people living in Blandford, South Cumbria, Glasgow, Sevenoaks, Hull, Kent, Lampeter, Swansea, Scarborough, West Midlands, London, Sheffield, Co. Down, Troon, Cornwall, Grimsby, Newmarket, Canterbury, East Midlands and Cardiff.

View the website, with a full list of quotes, here.

Victims of Charity can be downloaded here.
A hard copy is available on request.

For more information or to arrange an interview:
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