Please take action for animals used in Christmas events

Posted on the 24th November 2015

As the Christmas period draws nearer, we have seen a rise in the amount of local authorities and businesses using live animals in displays. The consequence is that wild animals such as reindeer and penguins are being lugged around the country in trailers under stressful and thoroughly unnatural conditions.

Busy high streets and shopping centres are clearly not their natural habitat. Not only are they prevented from exhibiting their natural behaviour, the noisy and exuberant Christmas crowds are the last things they should be exposed to. But given the tiny pens and open enclosures to which they are generally confined during the “entertainment”, they have nowhere to hide.

If you know of anywhere that is hosting a live animal event this festive season, please take action!

  1. Write to the organisers and let them know you will not be attending any of their events whilst they persist in using animals in this way.
  2. Let Animal Aid know; we will be contacting organisers of events that feature live animals this Christmas and urging them to end the practice. Please give us as many details as you have.
Reindeer at Stratford Shopping Centre 2014

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