Thank you walkers and sponsors!

Posted on the 10th June 2008

Thank you to everyone who took part in Animal Aid’s 5th annual sponsored walk on Saturday (June 7th) at Hampstead Heath, and to everyone else who sent in sponsor money. Special guests included comedian, actor and author, Alexei Sayle, and scientist, Dr Jarrod Bailey.

It’s not too late to sponsor Barney (Jarrod’s dog, who walked the 10km with him, pictured on the right, below). Or, if you would like to take part in next year’s walk, watch this space or join Animal Aid and you will receive details through the post.

Animal Aid is very grateful to Alexei and his wife, and Jarrod and his wife for joining in and to all the organisations who helped: VinceremosVegan CampaignsVegetarian Shoes and T-shirts and Sons.

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