Upton pig farm allowed to go ahead

Posted on the 21st September 2016

Sadly, despite almost 8,000 people submitting objections through our website and vigorous local opposition, a new factory farm in Lincolnshire has been allowed to go ahead.

We would, however, like to thank everyone who took the time to speak out against these plans, as we feel confident that our campaign has helped to raise awareness about the terrible suffering of farmed pigs.

Says Isobel Hutchinson, Head of Campaigns at Animal Aid:

‘We are deeply disappointed that – in spite of overwhelming public opposition – this new factory farm has been allowed to go ahead. The farm will cause nearly 2,000 pigs at a time to suffer in crowded conditions, before facing a brutal and terrifying death at the slaughterhouse.

‘While we may not be able to stop the Upton pig farm, everyone has the power to make a huge difference for animals by choosing a cruelty-free diet. We would urge anyone who is – quite rightly – upset by the Upton pig farm decision to contact Animal Aid for a free Go Vegan information pack.’

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