‘Votes for Animals’ launched!

Posted on the 12th June 2024

On 4th July, the British public will vote in an election that will impact the lives of billions of sentient beings. Today, we launch our Votes For Animals website and the Crackdown on Cruelty campaign, supported by more than 20 leading animal protection organisations, to call on election candidates to make pledges on ten key issues to help ensure a kinder future for animals!

Votes for Animals is a really simple way for you to contact all of the prospective parliamentary candidates in your constituency, to tell them how important animals are to you and to ask them to support our 10 Crackdown On Cruelty pledges. These include:

  • Greater protections for wildlife – including a nationwide ban on snares
  • Strengthening of the Hunting Act 2004
  • An end to the cruel and ineffective badger cull
  • Use of subsidies to transition away from factory farming
  • An end to all animal experiments once and for all
  • Legal protection for fish and crustaceans
  • Measures to stop puppy smuggling
  • Ending the industrial breeding and release of birds for shooting
  • A ban on the imports of fur, foie gras, and hunting trophies
  • The vital appointment of an Animal Protection Commissioner

Whilst Animal Aid organises Votes For Animals, we are delighted that the campaign is being supported by so many animal protection groups, who will all be asking their supporters to contact local candidates.

We sent the crackdown on cruelty questionnaire to all 4500 candidates and have already received many replies. Please do visit the website to see where your candidate stands on animal issues, so you can feel confident about which candidate most closely reflects your personal views.  You can also find out what, if anything, different political parties are saying about animals in  their manifestos

To ensure candidates pledge their support, please do contact them today and tell them that animals matter to you and to your vote. If you see your local candidate, or their supporters, at local events, on your doorstep or at hustings etc, please do encourage them to visit the ‘Votes for Animals’ website, so they can respond helping you and other compassionate constituents to vote with confidence!

Together, we can make a difference. Our voices matter. Let’s ensure the next government takes a strong stand against animal cruelty and for the protection of all animalkind.

Visit 'Votes for Animals' now

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