17 October 2023 – from today, snares are illegal in Wales!

Posted on the 17th October 2023

Today marks a historic win for animals in Wales – snares and glue traps are illegal. Wales is the first country in the UK to ban snares.

Speaking about today’s importance, Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths said:

“This is a historic day for animal welfare. We strive for the very highest standards of animal welfare in Wales, and the use of snares and glue traps are incompatible with what we want to achieve.

Many animals will now be spared the most terrible suffering as a result of this ban. I’m proud Wales is the first of the UK nations to introduce such a move.”

Many organisations, including Animal Aid and all our supporters, have campaigned for many years to ensure that this historic ban succeeded. The shooting lobby fought hard to try and derail the process, but thanks to the clear-headed, compassionate Minister – along with many other members of the Senedd – the government of Wales has taken a significant stand against animal cruelty.

The government of Scotland now has the issue of snares under review, and we hope that they will follow the compassionate lead of the Welsh Government.

Ahead of the forthcoming General Election, Animal Aid is asking all political parties, MPs and parliamentary candidates to pledge to ban snares.

Please help our campaign by taking a couple of minutes to write to your MP. Thank you.

Click here to write to your MP

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