In defence of gulls

During the summer period, there are always alarmist stories of gulls ‘attacking’ people – which inevitably lead to calls to cull them.

Posted 28 Jul 2017


Fox culling is cruel and pointless

The Prime Minister has recently confirmed that there will be no free vote on the repeal of the Hunting Act, meaning that, for the time being, foxes and other animals are safe from being legally...

Posted 07 Jul 2017

London fox cull halted after public outcry

A London estate agent’s plan to cull a family of foxes who have taken residence on the grounds of an apartment block which the agents manage has been halted, following an outcry by local residents....

Posted 05 May 2017

Fox cub by Don Sutherland CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Myth Busters: Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels will be trapped, forced into bags and bludgeoned to death, under plans to cull them in an attempt to save red squirrels - despite the fact that mass culling has long proven to...

Posted 10 Apr 2017

Please speak out for grey squirrels!

We need your help to stop disturbing new plans to continue with a mass cull of grey squirrels, and even recruit volunteers who will bludgeon these animals to death. The plans are part of a...

Posted 08 Mar 2017

grey squirrel with nuts