UPDATE: Response from Defra to Snares Joint Letter

Rebecca Pow (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has responded to our joint letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and George Eustice (Secretary of State for...

Posted 12 Jul 2021

badger photo licenced under CC 2.0/Flickr user cloudtail

Help ban fur sales in the UK!

The UK government is considering evidence for a ban on the import and sale of fur in the UK and wants to hear your views. This is a great opportunity for us to speak out...

Posted 14 Jun 2021

Coca-Cola cancels fox cull!

Earlier this week it emerged that Coca Cola was planning a mass fox cull at their factory site in Sidcup. However, Coca-Cola agreed to stop the cull permanently after South London Hunt Saboteurs, campaigners and...

Posted 12 Feb 2021