53% of Summer Vegan Pledge participants to remain vegan

Posted on the 29th August 2018

The results from our follow-up survey for the Summer Vegan Pledge show that 53 per cent of those who participated have chosen to remain vegan.

The Summer Vegan Pledge took place in 2018. It consisted of a 30-day vegan pledge, undertaken by non-vegans who wish to give veganism a try. It was the first year that Animal Aid has run a vegan pledge initiative in the Summer.

Shortly after the end of the Pledge, we surveyed those who had participated, so we can see how effective the Pledge is, and where we can improve for the future.

During the sign-up process, we ask participants what their current diet is. Of those who signed up, 1,392 were vegetarians, 651 were pescetarians and 1,719 were omnivores. Two people were new vegans, meaning they had recently switched to a plant-based diet and needed some additional help and advice.

When asked ‘How will your diet change?’, 53 per cent of those who responded said that they will remain completely vegan, and 43 per cent said that they will eat fewer animal products. As the total number of sign-ups was 3,764 – a new Animal Aid record – we can estimate that 1,995 people have adopted a vegan diet as a result of the Summer Vegan Pledge!

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