New releases for Veganuary 2022!

This month, supermarkets, eateries, and everything in-between have released an amazing array of new vegan products in homage to Veganuary – here’s a handful of our favourites!

Posted 14 Jan 2022

Ground-breaking news for crustaceans and molluscs

A new government report confirms what many of us knew or suspected all along, namely that cephalopods (such as octopuses, squid and nautilus) and decapod crustaceans (like crabs, lobsters, prawns and crayfish) can feel pain....

Posted 24 Nov 2021

Good COP26, bad COP26, let’s remain hopeful.

World leaders are gathered at COP 26 to grapple with the urgent climate catastrophe that we collectively face. Already we are experiencing accelerated, deadly extreme weather events: Time is running out. We urge them to...

Posted 03 Nov 2021

A vegetarian’s guide to going vegan

November is World Vegan Month! If you’re already a vegetarian, but don’t know how to make the next step towards being vegan, this guide is for you.

Posted 01 Nov 2021

Reasons to try vegan this November

Today – 1st November – marks World Vegan Day and the start of World Vegan Month. Here’s why you should try vegan!

Posted 01 Nov 2021

No such thing as a good egg

New research suggests that around 85% of keel bone* fractures in laying hens are caused by several factors, including whether they lay large or very large eggs, which is of course triggered by consumer demand.

Posted 21 Oct 2021

CO2 gas shortages

There have been ongoing news reports that thousands of pigs are said to be ‘backing up’ on farms due to a shortage of workers, with additional concerns raised that healthy pigs might ‘need to be...

Posted 24 Sep 2021