Animal Aid adverts urge public to have a cruelty-free Christmas

Posted on the 16th November 2020

Billboards and bus stop adverts urging the public to show compassion this Christmas and opt for a cruelty-free Christmas dinner have sprung up in various towns and cities across the UK.

As part of our Their Christmas Wish campaign, we have placed a number of billboards and other adverts in various towns and cities throughout the country.

The adverts highlight rescued turkeys who live at The Retreat Animal Rescue: Bramble Bill who is a loveable gentleman who loves being around people and DeeDee who is an astonishing 12 years old!

As well as this, other adverts highlight the conditions most Christmas turkeys will spend their short lives. An undercover investigation conducted by Animal Aid at a free-range RSPCA Approved turkey farm showed turkeys in crowded, filthy conditions, and many with open wounds caused by fighting in the cramped and stressful conditions.

The adverts can be found in Tunbridge Wells, Belfast, London (East London and Camden Town), Plymouth, Norwich, Southampton and Edinburgh. Let us know if you spot any of them!

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