Animal Aid and XCellR8 at SciTech Open Day

Posted on the 22nd July 2023

Last week we joined the SciTech Open Day in Daresbury, for their very busy family-friendly science event, asking people to take our quiz and learn about animal experiments in the UK.

Animal experiments are not only cruel, but they represent outdated science, so it was rewarding to chat about this with enquiring minds of all ages. Our stall also featured a ‘make your own bath bomb’ workshop, run by the fabulous people from the Lush store in Warrington, who were in constant demand.

Everyone who signed our petition to ban the LD50 also received a sweet-smelling gift from Lush – and as you can imagine we were extremely busy! We had great conversations with local people and were very inspired by the number of people who want to see an end to animal experiments.

SciTech is the home of the wonderful XCellR8, the vegan laboratory who have created AcutoX, the animal-free safety test which will eventually replace LD50 tests. XCellR8 explain more about the LD50 test in their recent blogpost.

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