Animal Aid draw back the veil to reveal the truth behind extensive sheep farming

Posted on the 14th June 2018

Animal Aid investigators have uncovered shocking scenes of dead and decomposing lambs and sheep on May 24th in the Llanbister area, Powys (Wales).

15 bodies of lambs and ewes were found strewn about fields and footpaths in three different locations.

New figures from the National Fallen Stock Company (NFSCo), as reported by Farmers Guardian on 13th June, ‘show a 30 per cent increase on the yearly average, with around 250,000 “fallen stock” during the months of March, April and May this year.’ NFSCo chairman Michael Seals stated “The data from this year shows that the 2018 lambing season was certainly the worst season since 2013, and probably ever, even factoring in a large allowance for the shortcomings of the data”.Read more about the suffering faced by farmed lambs and sheep here.

The images are very distressing, as such we have pixelated them. You can see the originals here.

Animal Aid reported the situation to all of the relevant authorities.

Read the press release

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