‘Gulls not culls’ – Animal Aid urges Fife Council not to cull gulls

Posted on the 21st July 2017

Animal Aid has written to Fife Council, urging them not to seek licences to cull gulls in Kirkcaldy.

The calls spawn from reports of people being attacked by gulls recently. However, in Animal Aid’s letters to Council Co-leaders David Alexander and David Ross, as well as Environment Convener Ross Vettraino OBE, it is made clear that these occurrences are very rare, and gulls will only attack to protect their nests and young.

Says Animal Aid Campaigner, Tod Bradbury:

‘Like all good parents, gulls will do anything to ensure their offspring are safe and protected. As such, during nesting season – which happens to also coincide with many peoples’ summer holidays – gulls will ensure that any perceived threat to their children is seen off. To cull animals for protecting their babies is ludicrous.’

Animal Aid has also sent each of the councillors a copy of Animal Aid’s Bird Advice Sheet, which details the range of humane methods available to deter and resolve any conflicts with wild birds – including gulls – as well as a copy of their Alternatives to Culling report, which specifies ways in which councils and local authorities can resolve problems with wild animals, without resorting to lethal control.

Bradbury continues:

‘We hope Fife Council will adopt some of the measures outlined to them, which are usually cheaper and more effective than lethal measures – therefore making them better for residents, rate-payers, and above all, wildlife.’

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