Animal protection groups unite to confront government over broken promises

Posted on the 8th May 2023

On 12th May 2021, the Conservative Government published its Action Plan for Animal Welfare, which contained 35 measures to improve the lives of millions of animals, including animals who are farmed, animals who are used in sport and wild animals.

It is now two years since the Action Plan was published and the majority of the promised welfare improvements have not been implemented, despite huge public support and united campaigning initiatives from a host of animal protections groups.

Examples of the failures to deliver include commitments to ‘ensure the horse racing sector addresses key animal welfare issues such as fatality levels’ and to ‘launch a call for evidence on the use of snares.’ The reality is that around 200 horses are killed as a result of racing every year (the majority are killed as a result of Jump Racing), and that despite Animal Aid garnering 100,000 signatures on a government petition and forcing a Westminster debate on snares, the promised Call for Evidence has still not been launched.

Iain Green, Director of Animal Aid, stated:

‘The government and politicians know that animal welfare is hugely important to the public, and that MPs receive more emails and letters about animal welfare than about any other issue.

‘The government still has the opportunity to implement the promises it made in its Action Plan, which would help improve the lives of millions of animals.

‘Animal campaigning groups and the public are sick and tired of being fobbed off with delays and evasiveness – it’s time for the government to act with compassion and honour its commitments.’

A coalition of more than 20 animal protection groups have co-signed a letter to the Prime Minister urging him to take meaningful action before time runs out on this Parliamentary session.


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