Animals as prizes banned in Alsager

Posted on the 19th November 2015

Alsager Town Council has voted through a motion to prohibit the practice of giving away animals as prizes. The motion was put to the council by Green Party Councillor, and Animal Aid supporter, Jane Smith who reached out to us for some assistance on this.

At funfairs up and down the country, goldfish – and sometimes other animals – are placed in tiny plastic bags only to be given out to anybody who manages to ‘win’ them. Studies have shown that fish are very intelligent and complex individuals with elaborate social structures.

Fish should not be kept in captivity, but live free lives in natural environments. Where they are captive, they should, at the minimum, have a sizeable tank, a decent filtration system and genuine enrichment. Most ‘prize winners’ are unable to fulfil these needs, which results in many fish suffering.

Animal Aid holds the firm view that all animals’ lives matter, and that all animals deserve to live a safe, happy and fulfilling life – whether it be the widely admired elephant or the humble goldfish.

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