Being vegan in times of uncertainty

Posted on the 23rd March 2020

At the time of writing, the official advice from Public Health England and the UK government is to remain at home and avoid all unnecessary social contact.

And as some supermarkets run low on stock, you may be concerned if you will be able to stay vegan in times like these. However, if you look at the types of foods that people are taking, you will notice that the majority of them are plant-based.

Vegan Staples

Whilst we do not encourage panic buying or purchasing more food than you actually need, you may be thinking about stocking up on some essentials to see you through for a little while, especially as we have been told that we should stay at home.

As well as the obvious pasta, rice, cans of chopped tomatoes, bread, plant-milks, cans of baked beans, and herbs and spices, the below list will help those who are already vegan, particularly those who are new to veganism, continue eating delicious and nutritious plant-based food.

  • Beans: Dried beans are one of the cheapest forms of plant-based protein, they are also a good source of certain B vitamins, iron, zinc and fibre. They are also very versatile and can be used in many different dishes.
  • Lentils: Dried lentils are also a very good source of protein and iron. They can also be used in many different dishes and cuisines.
  • Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) and soya chunks: TVP is basically dried soya mince and can be used in place of meat in many dishes. Soya chunks are similar to TVP, but are bigger (as the name suggests) so can also be used in place of meat in many dishes.
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables: Fresh fruit and vegetables may be a bit harder to come by, and frozen fruit and vegetables last much longer than fresh produce. Even in times like these, it is important to eat enough fruit and veg!
  • Oats: Oats are brilliant! They are generally cheap and can be used in a variety of things, including porridge, you can throw them into smoothies, and you can use them to make delicious sweet treats like flapjacks and oat cookies.
  • Vegetable stock: Most vegetable stock cubes are vegan – you just need to check the packet for milk powder. Stock is a great way of adding flavour to dishes and can be used a base for stews and soups.

Ensuring you have a good amount of the above in your kitchen will enable you to make a number of delicious dishes to see you through.

Please remember to keep yourself and others safe by following official Public Health England advice. 

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