Celebrating International Women’s Day at Animal Aid

Posted on the 9th March 2023

For International Women’s Day we celebrated all the women today and throughout history who have worked to see an end to animal suffering. We marked this by organising a projection onto Tonbridge Castle on 8 March. The video celebrates five female pioneer campaigners and activists including Jean Pink, who founded Animal Aid in Tonbridge in 1977!

The animal rights movement and the growth of cruelty-free living need, and have had, support and action from a diverse range of people. We should not forget that animal exploitation and abuse is made possible by the exploitation of female animals and their ability to have babies.

Our short film celebrates five compassionate and determined women and finishes by asking “Will you be next?”. We hope that this video will inspire current and future activists. Everyone, regardless of gender, can do their bit to help animals.

Being artificially and forcibly impregnated and separated from their calves are constants for cows on dairy farms. Unable to express their natural instincts, mother and baby will call out for each other. Confinement in farrowing crates, being unable to move freely or bond with their piglets, is the reality for mother pigs on farms in the UK. Their babies are taken away from them when they are just a few weeks old. And hens are selectively bred to produce more eggs than their bodies can cope with, causing them pain and illness.

We encouraged people from the local community to attend to watch our short film and we had positive conversations.

Check out our social media pages or head over to YouTube to see what happened at Tonbridge Castle.


*Our film featured anti-vivisection campaigner Francis Power-Cobbe, Animal Aid founder Jean Pink, Investigator and rescuer Wendy Valentine, record-holding athlete and sanctuary owner Fiona Oakes, and photojournalist and activist Jo-Anne McArthur. We are grateful for all the activists and campaigners throughout history, and today, working to improve the lives of animals

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